Since 2008 HYMC has awarded scholarships to 90 students. These funds have been used to provide for educational needs as they completed high school or began university studies.

Emma was one of our first scholarship recipients. Coming from a single-parent family with few resources, Emma’s first scholarship allowed her to complete the HSC. Although she did not do well enough to get into University, a second award enabled her to participate in the Newstep program and enter Newcastle University where she studied nursing.

With the death of one parent and the other living overseas Ali and her brothers were left to fend for themselves in the family home. The HYMC educational scholarship and part-time work supported Ali while she completed high school, then went on to TAFE and to a Social Work degree. While at school, Ali spent her school holidays in remote indigenous communities working with young children.

Violet was born in Liberia where she lost both parents to war. Several years ago she came to Australia with other family members. Violet says that the HYMC scholarship has been essential in helping pay her school fees, for her uniform and for the equipment needed for TAFE studies.

“I was happy that someone was there to help me. I was overwhelmed and felt a sense of personal achievement. The scholarship will help me in many ways financially and improve my performance at school.” Belinda on being awarded a scholarship in 2012.

Arleen (awarded a scholarship for 2014) came to Australia from Mexico four years ago to immediately face family conflicts and insufficient money to pay for school needs. She took on two jobs but was then too tired to study for her HSC. “When I received the scholarship a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I didn’t have to worry anymore. The scholarship enabled me to go the extra mile and really fulfil my potential.” Arleen has since received a scholarship to study at UNSW.