A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills and life experience to help a young person develop their ideas and positive attributes.  It is a win-win partnership in which not only does a young person gain from the relationship but mentors also benefit by increasing their own confidence and knowledge, along with gaining a sense of genuine fulfilment and contribution to their community through helping to guide a young person along their way.
Being a mentor is about sharing life lessons and experiences with a young person. Mentors help young people to better cope with the many challenges of school, work experience and career choices, personal and family issues. It is a great way to contribute to the community and there are many young people in our region who could greatly benefit from a mentoring relationship. In the Hunter Region there are a number of HYMC member groups providing mentor programs: all need volunteers and mentors to keep programs running.
Thanks to a grant from the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, mentor training opportunities are available throughout the year.  Click here for more information.
Dates for mentor training courses in 2016 are:
  • 19 February/26 February: “Introduction to Mentoring”/“Mentoring in Action”
  • 11 March/18 March: “Introduction to Mentoring”/“Mentoring in Action”
  • 22 July/29 July:  “Introduction to Mentoring”/“Mentoring in Action"
  • 16 September/23 September:  “Introduction to Mentoring”/“Mentoring in Action”
 How do I become a mentor? 
1.  Participate in an HYMC mentor training program.   These two-day programs are offered throughout the year. 
2.  Contact one of the HYMC member organisations that offers a mentoring program.   Several are listed below.
3.  Become a member of HYMC and get to know other mentors and representatives from our member organisations at our regular professional development seminars.
4.  Contact HYMC directly for more information.
Helpful Links:
Career Links assists young people in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie to make a smooth transition from school to further education and work.
Celebral Palsy Alliance - the Ignition Mentoring Program helps to build self-confident and resilient 14-16 year olds with cerebral palsy and related disabilities.
Centre for Hope helps young persons at risk in the 13 to 16 year-old age group through their unique Coaching and Mentoring program.
DALE (St Philip's Christian Education Foundation) caters for students with emotional and behavioural disorders and intellectual disabilities. It also runs a Young Mothers' Program which helps pregnant teenagers and young mothers to cntinue their education in an alternative learning environment.
Eastlake Youth Centre Inc "walk on the positive side" Program - A wide variety of creative programs for young people aged between 9 - 18 that focuses on positive relationships between young people and the community. With support from community mentors young people give back to the community.  
Eva House Mayumarri assists young women who have been impacted by abuse to heal and to learn life skills.
Rush Mentoring Services works together with the school, student, family and the community to provide support for teenagers at risk, by placing a significant role model in a young person's life through weekly one on one, out of school volunteer mentoring.
The Place: Charlestown Community Centre is commencing “Study Space” in Term 4 2013. Study Space offers HSC students free weekly study support in the form of mentors, professional online tutoring, access to a range of resources and a place to study. Applications are now open for interested students and mentors.
The Smith Family supports disadvantaged students by linking them with volunteer mentors, both through the Teriatry Mentoring Program and iTrack, on online mentoring program for school-aged children.





































HYMC Members with mentoring programs